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''We start with design above all else. That’s because we were founded by a designer, not a businessperson. We share our whole process with you. No secrets. Because all we care about is making beautiful and affordable accessories for our friends.''


Everything about our products is haut de gamme, except for the prices. How do we do it?


We do limited runs with fast turnover. We don’t try to fit into seasons or campaigns. We don’t compromise details to save a few pennies.  We research intensely and experiment passionately to find only designs we absolutely love, and then we share them with you.


No brokers, distributors, or middlemen.  We choose our suppliers personally.  Because our relationships are important to us.  Especially our relationship with you.  That’s why we are up front about everything:  Our costs, our factories, our entire process.  We hold nothing back.

Sisters and founders, Myriam (left) and Romy (right) Maguire.



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