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Canadian Factory



  • Where: Montréal (Plateau Mont-Royal)
  • Who: La famille Golbert
  • Employees: 50
  • Founded:  1963
  • Maguire Products: The Rachel winter boot

Why we love this suppliers

Where better to make top-quality winter boots than in the great white north?  At a time when local manufacturing is becoming increasingly rare, we are thrilled to have one of the world’s best winter-boot manufacturers right here in Montréal.

Their story

It all started when grandpa Paul immigrated from France and began importing shoes from Europe.  Now, three generations and a half-century later, Pajar remains a family business, they still manufacture in downtown Montréal, and they have built a strong reputation for their warm, durable winter-wear.

How did we connect?

This relationship goes way back:  Pajar was the first company to offer Myriam an internship when she graduated!

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